At Jisoon Motors, we consistently refresh our leasing packages to offer only the best deal for our valued clients. Customers can expect attractive rental bundles to cater for all their needs,

Our Rental Package includes:

  1. Lower Rates For Yearly Contract
  2. Quotation Services Available For Corporate Client
  3. Attractive Prices For Long Or Short Terms Leasing
  4. Road Tax And Insurance Coverage
  5. Full Maintenance Services (24/7)
  6. Radio Licence Inclusive
  7. Selection Of Fleet (Make/Model)
  8. Choice Of Used Or New Vehicles
  9. Power Steering Wheel Inclusive
  10. Unlimited Mileage Usage
  11. Additional Attachments: (e.g. Spark Arrestor – For Island Usage )
  12. Vehicle replacement availability in case of breakdown / LTA Inspection
  13. Choice Of Vehicle Type (e.g. Open lorry, Half / Full canopy, Box lorry)

To attain the highest level of customer satisfaction through our quality, reliable and after sales services, we make sure all vehicles are constantly checked and inspected by our workshop mechanic before leasing out to our customers. Our support is just one call away to check for vehicle availability, speedy reservations or any other rental enquiries.


  1. Hirer or Driver must produce a valid Singapore Class 3 driving license & NRIC. Hirer’s or Driver’s age must be above 25 and below 65 years oldand possess at least 2 years of qualified driving experience.
  2. Accident excess fee is at S$4,000 per case.
  3. Hirer/ Driver shall be fully responsible for all traffic/parking/HDB offences, fines and penalties arising from hirer’s use, procession or operation of vehicle. It is the responsibility of the hirer to have a cash card with sufficient amount in the card for the ERP gantries and the use of parking coupons.
  4. Tyre damages and punctual patch fees will be bear by the hirer/Driver during their hiring period.
  5. All parts in vehicle found to be dirty, broken, bended, missing and tyre bald whereby the Hirer/Driver did not inform us to replace, all compound charges and fines by the Traffic Police or LTA will be bear by the Hirer/ Driver.
  6. All our commercial vehicles are to be fuelled by diesel only and private cars to be fuelled by petrol. If the fuel tank is not refuelled in same level as per delivered, the cost of refuelling, including a service charge, will be levied.
  1. Under our company policy all vehicles (Minimum rental period is 02 days), and booking must take place at least two or three days in advance of rental.
  2. Should the hirer wish to extend the rental, the hirer or driver have to inform our authorized staff and pay the required additional rental fees promptly for insurance cover extension. Failure to do so may mean that the hirer is driving the vehicle without insurance coverage.
  3. If vehicle is returned in a condition unsatisfactory and require repair, cleaning up or restoration works (other than regular maintenance or repairs owing to mechanical faults or defects reported by hirer/ driver), hirer shall reimburse Jisoon Auto Trading / Public Car Rental for the cost incurred in repairing any damages to vehicle or restoring vehicle (including the interior) to its original condition.
  4. Payments are to be made by cash only for short term rental. For long term leasing, hirer can choose to pay via cash/cheque or bank transfer. Deposit will be refundable when vehicle returned in proper good condition. Full advance payment (Rental fee + Deposit) should be made upon collection of vehicle.
  5. Hirer and Guarantor must produce their original identity card and driving licence upon collecting of vehicles. For Corporate clients, company stamp must be present on the collection date to facilities proper document process.